Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mine, all mine

And because boyfriend was so kind, I only paid 15€ for it. The only problem with studying in bed is that it gets warm and cozy under duvet and natually one gets sleepy and - wakes half an hour later. That in itself isn't such a problem. But if it happens four times a day - then it might be a problem.

And by the way, boyfriend is planning on taking me somewhere, but wouldn't say where. I'm completely beside myself with happiness and excitement, constantly asking him where he'll take me. So far, he's been tight lipped about the whole project, but maybe if I'm persistent he'll either tell me or go nuts.

And now I'm going back for some more studying...


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Oh, the sweet pretension (full text)

It's not often that I would sit in front of TV for almost two whole hours, however on Thursday I did just that. I came to the living room in time to see the beginning of this week's Trenja (a more serious talk show). This week all participants in the show were women so as to celebrate 8th March. They tried to focus on some of the problems women are facing today, but failed admirably.

While Position Female is very warmly disposed towards one of the participants, a singer, Saša Lendero, I am not so easily convinced. The aforementioned singer said that she disliked how today women are constantly being manipulated and stripped of their confidence, because the industry today is setting very high (if not unattainable) goals for women regarding beauty. All very fine and dandy, if she were not part of (the people who create) the problem. A few years ago she increased her bust size (while having denied surgery), which was probably the sole reason for rocketing her into the orbit of fame, she takes meticulous care of her looks and I haven't seen one photo of her where she wouldn't wear make up or have her hair done. She also wears heavily decoleted dresses or very short skirts. While all this sweet talking is a sure-fire way for success within the masses, she could hardly convince anyone who has a bit of common sense. Sadly, none of the other participants in the studio had anything to say about how she seems to posess a double set of morals.

But even before that they aired a short clip in which the holder of the Miss Hawaian Tropic licence for Slovenia, a succesful business man, Rajko Hrvatič, criticized Slovenian women for not investing much in their looks, claiming that in the West (where even milk tastes better) women are much more attentive to the little details.

If Saša Lendero didn't do herself a favour, then don't get me even started on Rajko Hrvatič. (Though I will anyway.) How does a man, who's going noticeably bald, without the single intention of doing anything about it, who has very visible deep wrinkles all over his face, and is steadily gaining weight DARE judge women and criticize them??? Oh my God, what was the last time he looked at himself in the mirror? Sadly, this wonderful opportunity for letting women know how subtly they are being manipulated by fugly older men, was passed in the show as well. And not to mention that mean BMI (body mass index) is much higher in the USA than in Slovenia. Talk about not taking care of yourself!

Part 2:
what bothered me also was a statement made by a successful business man, Matjaž Gantar. He claimed that the reason women aren't as successful business-wise is that they spend too much time on paid leave (when they're taking care of their children). He estimated that time added up to 10 years in which their male counterparts built their careers, but women were still what they were before they had children. Gantar has four children of his own. So should we presume that being the nice dad that he is, he never staid at home when his children were ill? That he not once staid at home to help his wife with a newborn child?

And again, none of the women in the studio were so brave as to point that little spot of bother out. Gantar almost gave a confession of being a man who demands his wife to do all the children-related work and none of the women in the studio found anything to disagree with there. Am I so wrong in supposing that when two people decide to have children together it is the responsibility of both, not just one of them (usually the mother) to stay at home, taking care of children, when they're ill?

Further on it just bothers me immensly - so much so that I cannot give it a pass, although this mention will probably get me under severe pressure and scrutiny - that when it comes to women all stereotypes apply. If you wear high heels, a mini skirt and - God forbid - make up, then you're most certainly a bimbo, who thinks 1941 is the year Columbus sailed the Ocean blue.

And why are all the women who think they're following fashion trends (when in reality they're about 2 to 3 years behind the current trends) suddenly second class citizens, who should be despised for choosing to wear almost matching shoes, skirts, trousers etc.? Any why should you presume that just because one is dressed up to the nines that they spend their entire days trying out clothes and aplying make-up?

And as far as I know - not following the trends has become a trend in its own right. Besides - what is a trend anway? Is it what designers put on the catwalk? Is it what 70% of women wear thinking that they're wearing the latest fashion? Could it be something only 3% of people wear? If one part of your life does go according to trends (e.g. taking up Pilates, because that's supposed to do miracles for you) should you be labeled a person who follows the trends (regardless of your choices in other areas of your life)?

Why is it that well educated, well read people still abuse stereotypes to make themselves feel good? And why is that everything I/you/we do is of such supreme importance to others? No one approaches me trying to befriend me (or at least get to know me better) yet they all find themselves best equipped to criticize and typecast me.

But something still applies. Ignorance is bliss. And I would have kept my sanity much longer if I didn't bother about all of the above.

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Breakfast tray

I'm looking for a breakfast tray. After months of studying my back hurts and I'd like to buy a tray which would enable me to sit comfortably in bed and read textbooks. I've found one, but it's 30€ and there is no way in hell I'm spending so much money for a piece of wood.

Such as pictured on the right would be ideal. I don't want leather trays, nor plastic ones as my books are really heavy (hardbound and about 1000 pages) and I want to have the tray for more than a week.

Any ideas or suggestions? (I've checked Ikea's Graz website, but couldn't find anything appropriate.)


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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Choosing books to read

Tina asked me a very long time ago how I chose my books and at first I thought the answer was simple. I just did. How I did (and why) I had no idea.

The first thing you have to know about me is that I love libraries. For a time I even wanted to become a librarian. Being a bit of a tightwad I like the fact that you can borrow as many books as you like for a small yearly fee. However, depending on libraries has its disadvantages. The popular or the good books are hard to come by, and sometimes I'm angered by the fact that the libraries do take excellent care of their romance section, but hardly ever think of buying the (English original) book of a reputed author. With my knowledge of English reading translations is just a very merciless sort of self-punishment. The originals are better in everyway.

So, whenever I go to the library I always stop at the "we recommend" shelf and check what's popular. I also regularly read the section of newspaper dedicated to new books. I often grab a copy of Bukla magazine in order to check out the newly published gems. And on top of that I try to read as many 19th and 20th century writers as I can. I often read book versions of the films I've seen, too.

I seem to have an amazing capacity for remembering book titles and authors. And when I want to appear extra organized, I jot down a few words on a pad of paper. For a time I also used a small notebook for this purpose but I have since abandoned the practice.

Still, I haven't explained how I choose my books, because it's not easy to do so. I check the shelves of the library and when I spot a book I particularly feel like reading today/this week, I borrow it. When late last year I heard that Kate Winslet was in a film, made after a very successful book (Little Children by Tom Perrota) I went straight to a book shop and bought it.

What I read is very often a reflection of how I feel. When I'm stressed out, I would grab a copy of a light, humorous romance (the sort Helen Fielding writes), when I have time, I would borrow/buy a book that demands a bigger percentage of brain dedicated to the task of reading.

I try to read contemporary authors as well as works of past masters. On top of that - from time to time - I like to read a Slovenian author, though I generally prefer foreign authors. Sometimes I read a Slovenian top seller, but that's very rare.

I'm sorry there isn't more to say on the subject, but the more I think of it, the more I realise, that there is no plan or intention of what to read next. I simply choose a title from hundreds I have stored in my head, the one I most feel inclined to reading.

And how do you choose your books?


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