Saturday, February 09, 2008

Run! Waaaaittt... Stop! RUUUUNNNN!

This is how I've been feeling the last month. The bureaucratic work I tend to dislike. Because it takes up a lot of time and produces very few results. The application of my research to the Medical Ethics Committee has been exhausting. First (after a week of procrastination) I dedicate a full day to actually writing the application then send the ten-page draft to my mentor thinking I'll get a reply in a matter of days and then we'll proceed to arranging other little details which need to be sorted out before I actualy begin with the real research. Amidst frantic studying I forget about days only to realize last week that I hadn't got a reply in over two weeks. I panic, curse a bit, then get all cranky because nothing gets done unless I beg and beg some more or just do it myself. Then I complain about this to a friend of mine. Then complain some more to my poor and long suffering boyfriend. And then - miraculously - my mentor sends a reply - apologising profusely - and suddenly we have a deadline to catch. RUN!

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