Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

SPOILERS - proceed at your own risk!

Now, Prisoner is a very fine book indeed. Full of longing and reminiscing, a beautiful nostalgic feeling. It's a story about true friends and people that give the wrong impressions. I've also always been fond of the comparison between Lupin and a person infected wit HIV.
Not many questions bothered me while reading this book, but here they are anyway.

  1. Why is Dubledore so disturbed by the presence of Dementors? Admittedly, no one likes these foul creatures, but D seems more disturbed by their presence than other teachers. Does he have bad memories that come alive when Dementors are near?
  2. Trelawney is a funny character. She's portrayed as an old fraud, but if you keep an eye on her "predictions" a lot of them come true. All of her predictions regarding the Grim are true - Harry has been seeing a giant black dog all over the place. If you disregard the theatrical manner, could Trelawney's predictions about Harry's imminent death also be true?
  3. What fascinates me about Dumbledore is that he considers every person - whether he is a werewolf or a paranoid ex-Auror his ally. Dumbledore realizes the potential: of you're nice to people and give them second chances, these people will be nice to you in return. In HP vocabulary this creates a certain bond between D and the other person and thus the person becomes an ally with the Order.
  4. What's up with Snape, though? Is an old trick the Marauders played on him the real reason why he's still so full of hatred towards Sirius, James and Remus? Or is it like some suggest that he was romantically interested in Lily, but James got the girl?
  5. For a man so intelligent, Snape doesn't want to use logic this time around. Why is he still so bitter towards Sirius? School grudge or something else?
  6. Why does it seem to me that Snape tries very hard to get Harry expelled? Call me naive, but does he presume Harry will be safer in Privet drive, because of the protection Dumbledore placed on that house?
  7. Considering the significant role Lupin played in giving Harry private lessons, is he the possible mentor for Harry in DH?
  8. Dumledore tells Harry that "the time may well come when you will be very glad you saved Pettigrew's life". What will become of that?

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