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Reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by JK Rowling

New book, lots more of curious little details and as always, if you haven't read the books - be wary of SPOILERS.

  1. The Loovegoods (Luna and her Dad) obviously live near Ron.
  2. Mundungus Fletcher is again casually mentioned and I cannot resist feeling he's going to be important to book seven.
  3. In the Sorting Hat's song Hufflepuf is mentioned as coming from a valley- could this have any connection to the location of Hufflepuf's Horcrux and/or the dragon from the Deluxe Cover Art?
  4. Do the spells Mr. Ollivander performs with each wand have a meaning? (Fleur - flowers, Cedric - a stream of silver smoke rings, Krum - birds and Harry - a fountain of wine).
  5. How come Sirius knew Bertha Jorkins? Was is that she walked on him kissing a girl behind the Herbology greenhouses?
  6. A bezoar is again mentioned as an antidote for most poisons. Note that a bezoar saves Ron's life in HBP.
  7. Krum seems really nice from what Hermione said of him - seems like Hermione is taking a leaf out of Dumbledore's book here - making friends rather than enemies.
  8. There's just got to be a subplot involving giants. Hagrid's mother is prominently mentioned in GoF and his brother is introduced in OotP and Grawp starts talking by the end of HBP. This has got to be important.
  9. I have a problem with the underage drinking and heavy drinking that goes on in the series in general. Butterbeer definitely has some alcohol in it and I am not too happy seeing Butterbeer drank as though it was pumpkin juice. Also, the amount of heavy drinkers in the series is quite high. I would undersand that Rowling tries to be frank about adults drinking heavily, but I have an issue with her making it seem that drinking an alcoholic beverage on a daily basis is acceptable in children.
  10. The memories Harry visits in the Pensieve look very much like the memory Harry visited in Riddle's Diary, but they're not Horcruxes like the Diary.
  11. In the memory from the Pensieve we find out that Voldemort has a spy from the Department of Mysteries. This implies that Voldemort knows much more about that place than Harry does. Also, will this knowledge give Voldemort advantage in the final battle between him and Harry?
  12. We find out Snape was a Death Eater, but two books later we still don't know why Dumbledore is convinced Snape isn't a danger.
  13. Also, the real Moody could be a mentor to Harry in DH, as he was one of the best Aurors in his time.
  14. Was Ludo Bagman a naive fool or a real spy for Voldemort? Because of his Quidditch career people are less willing to believe him to posses any bad character traits. This again shows prejudice and favouritism.
  15. Dumbledore says that Harry and Voldemort are connected by the curse that failed. If the curse failed, then Harry cannot be a Horcrux or could he?
  16. Voldemort will establish an army of creatures whom all fear. What are these? Inferi?
  17. Voldemort having taken Harry's blood now has Lily's protection, but will this also expire on Harry's 17th birthday?
  18. Voldemort now seems to know how Harry was protected by Dumbledore. But will this knowledge give him an advantage over Harry?
  19. Many people have claimed that the final battle won't involve wands, because Harry's and Voldemort's wands cannot duel. That is true, however Voldemort can put a hex or curse on Harry and their wands function normally as long as they don't duel.

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