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What to buy your girl cousin, who turned 15 and is going to high school in autumn? Help me god, but I still consider her a child; - for me she'll always be the little cousin and I have no idea what to buy her.

She doesn't do make-up (so no luck there) and desperately wants to have her toung pierced (her parents disagree - to put it mildly). I was thinking about giving her Snakes and Earrings, but her mother might have to kill me if her daughter suddenly wants a split tounge along with a piercing.



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Blogger Lilit said...

She doesn't do make up, but I bet she likes to smell nice... how about something from Lush (or similar)?

Blogger Nadezhda said...

Oh - right! I haven't thought about that! But just what to get her? Surely not a facial mask; maybe a bubble bath, or a body lotion?

Thanks a bunch for your suggestion!

Blogger Lilit said...

Bubble bath, body lotion, shower gel, maybe a perfume?

Blogger Teja said...

Maybe a book; or a CD of her favourite band that she doesn't possess yet; some freaky earings (if she wears them) that go with her style; unique wristband; necklace with some special locket (not gold or silver!! ... necklace with leather ribbon I mean); maybe a belly piercing (if she already has one, a new ring for her piercing) .... amm ... what else .... a massage or something like that (to relax a little); if her style is punkish or skate, maybe a belt that they sell in Madness or Obsession (I hope you know which one I mean); maybe a ticket for Kolosej or Atlantis ... ok, enough from me :)

Anonymous marko said...

If you can't think of anything, buy her a chocolate. You can't fail with that.

Snakes and Earrings sounds good too.

Blogger Nadezhda said...

Teja - she already has all CDs she wants (the power of internet) and doesn't read all that much (or I'd bought her a book already; Snakes and Earrings was just a provocation, as I don't think she'd like the plot). Her ears are not pierced and she doesn't have a belly piercing (wouldn't look good on her).

I'll look into a locket or a wristband, maybe a funky ring... and if I run out of ideas, then she'll get a Kolosej Joker or something of the sort.

Marko - actually, I'd bake her a cake or some muffins rather than give her a chocolate, but as she's trying to lose weight that would be slightly insulting.

Blogger Nadezhda said...

P.S. I wanted to give her Sims2, as she like the first part, but her computer isn't strong enough to handle the game.

Blogger Belgothiel said...

Uh, I also always have problems with that. Hm, what about a massage? You could give her a "darilni bon" if she likes things like that? Or perfumed candles, or... hm- lack of ideas again :)

Blogger Nadezhda said...

Yeah, I could, but I'm not sure she'd enjoy something like that. I think I'll just call her and ask her if there's anything she'd like to have/do. By doing so you take away the element of surprize, but at least you give the person something they want/like. It's very painful to give someone a disappointing gift.

Blogger Bo said...

If she was my girl cousin, I would try to make her wish come true. And tongue piercing doesn't sound so bad, and it isn't either. I would finance her that piercing.

Blogger Nadezhda said...

Her parents don't allow her to get her tounge pierced. There's nothing I can do here and I don't find it appropriate to encourage her to do it despite her parents' wishes.

Blogger Bo said...

But you must do something!

... or you don't have to. It's null up to me. :)

I like to encourage such almost harmless activities. I think it was Hesse who wrote - but the authorship doesn't matter, for it's my idea also - that it's a very good thing for everybody to try out personally everything that is possible. There are limits of course ... but piercing is below the limit for my taste.
When taken death seriously, what I suggested before is more complex, I agree, it's not a good thing to get in the middle of a parent and a child for example.

Anyway, I hope you bought her something that satisfied her birthsday anxiety.

Blogger Nadezhda said...

This isn't harmless. I'm not going to oppose her parents just for opposing's sake. I don't think piercing one's tounge is smart at such a young age. This is nothing more than her attempt at being rebellious and trying to find her niche and believe me, she will find herself even without the piercing.

Her parents did a very good job of raising her older sibling and that's a further proof that intervention of any kind is not needed.

We haven't bought her a present yet, but we'll have to buy something soon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, what did you buy to your cousin in the end? Just curious :)

Blogger Nadezhda said...

anonymous - nothing - as of yet. :)

The story is a little complicated. They invited us to her birthday on Friday late at night and the birthday was on Saturday afternoon. Then mom panicked as we had absolutely no idea what to give her and I decided to post this on the blog as I thought one of you might have a good idea (and there were plenty!).

But after some consideration we asked my cousin that (because of the short notice we were given) she forgives us for not bringing her anything at this point. We agreed that she will get her present on the next family meeting, which is in September.

I forwarded all the good suggestions to my mother, who will buy the gift, but as of now she doesn't seem to have bought anything. We'll see. :)

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